Grace National Holdings LLC (GNH) is one of Alabama’s most active real estate investment firms led by real estate veteran, Tony A. Isbell. The company’s management team includes a strong bench of seasoned real estate professionals who have bought and sold over 10,000 homes nationally since 2001. Properties bought and/or sold by our team have included homes valued from $10,000 to over $15,000,000.

You can rest assured that when you do business with us, we’ll still be around tomorrow. We are not a fly by night shop like many “so called” investors who went to a motivational seminar last month or spent time watching HGTV to learn how to renovate houses. We are much more serious than that. We are also not a Wall Street Hedge Fund trying to squeeze every dollar from every transaction. Real estate is our life and our passion and we buy houses to help people who need our help. We love what we do and you will feel that in how we treat everyone involved.